Anticipated Seminar Topics

The Ethics of Research

The seminar/workshops on the ethics of scientific research will help to increase student sensitivity to the existence and importance of ethical issues in the context of scientific research and will provide a general framework for discussing and resolving ethical issues.


Giving an Effective Research Presentation

This seminar provides the guidelines for an effective oral presentation.


Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction Short Course

Single crystal diffractometry has become a ubiquitous tool in chemical research. Most undergraduate students have seen 3D representations of crystal structures but few have any understanding of how these crystal structures were derived. Thus, in collaboration with Prof. Guy Crundwell at Central Connecticut State University, we will conduct a one-day, hands-on technical session. The workshop will cover the fundamentals of X-ray diffraction, from sample selection and data acquisition to solving a structure. Several short lectures (20-25 min) by Guy Crundwell and Christian Br├╝ckner on the theoretical and technical concepts of diffraction, Fourier transforms, reciprocal space and its relation to unit cell and symmetry, data integration, solution, and model refinement will be offered.


Parallel to the lectures, a suitable crystal will be selected, mounted, data will be collected, and the structure will be solved and refined. The lecture sessions will be interspersed with group activities such as inspection of the instrument, symmetry exercises, laser pointer diffraction experiments, selection and mounting of crystals under the microscope, and lunch/coffee breaks. The course will end with looking at the key information gained from the X-ray diffraction experiment and how to quantitatively assess the quality of data and the resulting validity of the model obtained. At the end of the day, the students should have a good visual and conceptual idea about where crystal structures come from and what they mean.


Chemical Hygiene Training

At the beginning of the program, we will provide an overview of University policies and safe laboratory practices, followed by a tour of the safety features found in our building an the research labs.


Graduate Studies in Chemistry

Presented by members of the departmental graduate committee, this seminar focuses on issues the students should consider in choosing a graduate program: How to gather information? How to choose the right graduate school? What to expect in graduate school?


BI-visit-2010Industrial Lab Visit

In past years, we have visited the Bristol Myers Squibb, the Pfizer Central Research Laboratories, and the Fuel Cell Division of United Technologies, all located in CT. The participants will have the opportunity to hear from research scientists about the process of drug discovery and technology development and they will tour the research or production facilities.